Friday, June 1, 2007

Home Stretch

TELEPATHIK FRIEND posted this video of Rodger Stella (Birmingham) and Leslie Keffer (Nashville) at No Fun Fest. Delightful. (Check out the crowd response.)

PYRAMID SKEEM taught Birmingham the value of a dollar. Yes Men meets late night informercial meets 50 Cent. Hint: Red nail polish can be used to cover up that blue dot in the middle of your red bumper sticker.

Well Birmingham, it's getting to be the home stretch. I'll be leaving for Baltimore next week and feel that I will probably keep travelling at this pace well into my gray years. If someone wants to write for Magic City Funhouse, feel free. Otherwise, I'll keep it posted until it gets lost in the wide world of dead blogs. Use it as a record of the smoky, hazy events that unfolded in the past five months of your life. Remember all of the good, awesome, fun things you did and helped make happen. Give youngsters a reason to stick it out at home. Keep making art, writing, theater, music, and everything in between. Make so much stuff that people's minds expand so much that their heads explode. Have so much fun that it becomes a media spectacle. Above all, have faith, stay strong, and don't ever punk out.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Clover, Sage, and Carob

After a month of using Rolly Polly's Wi-Fi, I decided today to venture into BOOK, BEAN, AND CANDLE. This wiccan store has been in Southside for many years. I think it used to be across the street. It is located at 16th Ave. and Richard Arrington. The chairs are really comfy, the coffee is good, and there is a back room with an LCD projector. Every Saturday they show witchy movies. Last Saturday they showed Lord Of The Rings. You can even bring your own movie to show. I was thinking they might like Holy Mountain. I can't imagine anything more fun than watching Lord of the Rings or Holy Mountain with a bunch of old hippy witches.

Opening at Bare Hands Gallery.
June 1 - 30, 2007
Reception Friday, June 1, 6-10pm
Installation I Daniel White
WC Installation Keith Goodwin
Courtyard Heather Spencer

Monday, May 28, 2007

Industrial Poems

Open Mike was great. You guys were great as ususal. Neeta (BACKSEAT VIRGINS/SNIFFLE) jammed with Roger (MACRONYMPHA/HOLLOW BUSH). Nausea ensued. Lance performed a heavy metal poem about our own Smog City. Raymond Pettibon is currently casting him for his next 3 hour epic. Charlie and Rachel sang a love song. Rodney reached the sixth level of meta-comedy hell. Natalie read a mix CD insert that she got when she was 16: "Mortified" for arty types. Nice.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped make me, Nat, and Mark's B-day a blast.

Tonight at Bottletree:
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE (New England, etc.) and
9PM, 15 bucks, (Sold out)

Friday, June 1st
1709 12th St. So.
Burningman, AL
PYRAMID SKEEM (Philly): Kesslers make the money.

SINK OR SWIM--Philly TV show
Five buck suggested donation.

Saturday, June 2nd
2237 Magnolia Ave.
SynArts Art/Music Show

Monday, May 21, 2007

ओपन माइक

Open Mike Night: Vol. 2
This Wednesday at
AC Temple
1709 12th St. So.
Amp buzz fuzz flickers at 9:30.

Celebrating the return of Jason and Milton and my b-day.

Bring your talent.
Art is easy.
Community is not a pep rally.
Play is power.
Tons of new bumper sticker ideas--
For your Willie fueled pickup.

Monday, May 14, 2007

May 1968

Nothing says Birmingham like than an art show in a burnt out building in Avondale. Chris Bearly's shrine was definately the highlight of the show for me, but I also enjoyed celebrity portraits by someone (Lea?) that were of Kid and Play, Alf, and Spuds McKenzie. This art show's proximity to the Munchie's Wall of Respect, which also features a potpourri of celebrity portraiture, seemed fitting.

The Hot-El warehouse was more crowded than I had ever seen it. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was the lack of air-conditioning in Hot-El. Maybe it was the keg. Somehow I felt like I saw more public displays of nudity at this show than at any show I have been to since I've been in the Ham.

GNP (Birmingham): Still rocking after all these years. I saw GNP when I was fifteen years old and was ruined for good. And isn't that what punk rock is supposed to do?

YAKUZA DANCE MOB (Magic City, AL): This time featuring original members of YDM: Jon Ezell and Natalie Elliot. Teddy Bear Picnic was honestly the first record I ever owned. I played it on a Fisher Price Record player when I was a kid. Who knew that sixteen years later, YDM would blow my mind with a noise cover of the same song?

NECRONOMIKIDS (Druid City, AL): Surf thrash assasins. Really original multi-genre stuff. Made me want to move my feet--and my arms and hips and head.

Happy birthday May 1968!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Upcoming show:
May 12, 2007 9PM $5
120 18th St. So.
Birmingham, AL



Spy attire required: it's a Bond theme.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

May Sleeps

The new HANK LAZARD show podcast has been uploaded. It's May sweeps!

MEE-MAW, local anti-art show, will be celebrity themed. It is held in an abandoned parking lot across the street from Munchie's. Chris Bearly is making a shrine for Jon Benet Ramsey. How tasteless.

These days I have been listening to AM 1260. There are no commercials, save a few poems advertising God and America. It is one of the few stations around that plays Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and Roy Orbison regularly. Even the reception is classic gold. Sorry folks, they don't have a website.